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Welcome to the Easy Version Bible

The Easy Version  is a new translation of the Bible, based on the Biblia Fácil in Spanish.

This translation will help you better understand the Word of God. We have worked hard with a team of many people to make sure the translation is accurate as well as easy to understand.

Our goal is to faithfully communicate the whole meaning of the original text, using short sentences and everyday vocabulary. We are aiming to reduce the reading level of the text to about second grade, while leaving out none of the meaning.

Grupo de personas sordas leyendo la Biblia Facil
A family receiving the Easy Spanis Bible

About us

The Easy Version was translated by a team that includes native English and Spanish speakers with extensive training and experience in linguistics (language), translation, and Biblical exegetics (interpretation). Our team is passionate about the Word of God, and we want everyone to be able to read the Bible easily.

Our mission is simple:

Make the Word of God easy to read and understand for everyone.

The Easy Version in English and its companion Biblia Fácil in Spanish together reach about one billion people who are native speakers of one of these languages, and many more people who use them as second languages.

The Easy Bible and Biblia Fácil are projects of the Hazel Soper Foundation.